Star Wars: Legacy Of The Fallen

A new treat

After Waking up the party was unable to move hear or see after several hours they got there sight back and were able to hear again. Tyan-Zan heard foot steps that sounded like marching and told the rest of the party. The they heard a lightsaber active and screaming the party then ready there weapons then they saw a Red Lightsaber cut the door down and a human male stood there. He said “Hurry we must go the Yuuzhan Vong are here” The party not sure what the Yuuzhan Vong were had many questions about them but the Human male said" I will answer every thing later But I am surprised you haven’t heard of the Yuuzhan Vong out here in this part of space." The party then followed him out of the Chamber to find a small group of Vong waiting they fought and kill the Vong however Kershaw was blinded in the Vong battle. After the battle the party look around trying to find out what was going on and who these Vong were. They took some of the weapons so they could study them and maybe make a cure fir the poison that had blinded Kershaw. After asking a lot of questions the party left the cave and went to the Humans ship. They were shocked at how advance the ship was and once aboard the ship Voss asked if the Vong were allied with Exar Kun. The Human told them that Exar Kun died 4,000 years ago. So after that Karsaw was taken to the medbay and Voss and Tyan learned about what they had missed in 4,000 years after the party was told that the Human was going to save a a colony from the Vong. TO BE CONTINUED



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