Voss Sorn

A Chiss Scout


Vitality 50
Wounds 15
Initiative 4



Voss was born on Csilla to a very wealthy family ,the oldest of 6. At the age of 4 he wanted to know all about the Stars and their Planets. Then at the age of 16 he bought a star ship and took off. He returned 10 years later with great knowledge of the galaxy and great deal more of starships. He joined the Republic Navy. Due to his knowledge of Starships and how they work he was put into R.I.E.T Squad as their scout and pilot. He has been with them 6 years.

(What the Party Knows) Voss signed on with the Hutts about 4 years after he left home so he could make some money. The job was simple; protect the cargo at all cost. The cargo was something called The Diamond of Hutta, it was to be moved from Hutta to Kessel. Voss thought he had singed up for the Pilot job but what he ened up doing was flying a fighter for the Hutt’s flagship. During a rest stop the group was attacked by the Viron Cartel, a small no name group. Voss helped fight them off and when the job was done he took his payment and said that this would be the last time that he would work for the Hutts because he didn’t want to piss off the Republic.

(What the Party dose not know) One year after Voss left home home he singed on with treasure hunters. They were together for 3 years until they went to Tatooine to find a Krayt Dragon Pearl. After entering the atmosphere, however something went wrong and the ship crashed. Voss was the only survivor. 3 days later he awoke in a Tusken Raider Camp. They had seen his crash and went to salvage parts. When they saw that he was still alive they took him in. He spent 3 months with them during that time he learned to Speak Tusken.

“A ship is like a child. She needs love and care. Do that and you will have the best ship any one can ask for.”-Voss Sorn

“Join The Republic Navy they said. See the Galaxy they said. I saw more of the Galaxy when I worked for the Hutts. I got shot at less too!”- Voss Sorn

Voss Sorn

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