Star Wars: Legacy Of The Fallen

The Debt

Voss finally got his new legs but Dr. V was looking for a little something extra. He had lent out the Boss of the Exchange (Dyrid) 100,000 credits. for payment of the new mechanical legs, we were to reclaim his debt from the Exchange. The group split up. Kershaw, Tyan, Aranis and Ashtok all made way to the coordinates Dr.V had given them. Voss was left to walk back to the ship to get used to his new legs. On route to the ship, he removed the restraining bolt. The group had requested it specifically so they wouldn’t have another incident like back on Dantooine. Voss had to drag his limp broken ass back to the ship and use the Nashada yellow pages to call up someone to repair him… already. The group -making way to repay the debt for Dr.V, who FIXED Voss had gotten to the exchange’s pleasure palace. They struggled to make an appointment to see the boss. They finally convinced Dyrid to transfer 100,000 credits to Ashtok’s credit chip. Betwixt all of this, Voss was unknowingly taken in on the promise of getting his legs fixed by a bounty hunter. And you know what, he’s fucking up the story far enough from here. Long bullshit story short he’s now frozn and when/ if he gets thawed out he’s gonna explode unless we rescue him from the bank. then we went to wendys. fuck.

March 14th 2012
Struggle on Dantooine


I forgot

Shit got real.

A new treat

After Waking up the party was unable to move hear or see after several hours they got there sight back and were able to hear again. Tyan-Zan heard foot steps that sounded like marching and told the rest of the party. The they heard a lightsaber active and screaming the party then ready there weapons then they saw a Red Lightsaber cut the door down and a human male stood there. He said “Hurry we must go the Yuuzhan Vong are here” The party not sure what the Yuuzhan Vong were had many questions about them but the Human male said" I will answer every thing later But I am surprised you haven’t heard of the Yuuzhan Vong out here in this part of space." The party then followed him out of the Chamber to find a small group of Vong waiting they fought and kill the Vong however Kershaw was blinded in the Vong battle. After the battle the party look around trying to find out what was going on and who these Vong were. They took some of the weapons so they could study them and maybe make a cure fir the poison that had blinded Kershaw. After asking a lot of questions the party left the cave and went to the Humans ship. They were shocked at how advance the ship was and once aboard the ship Voss asked if the Vong were allied with Exar Kun. The Human told them that Exar Kun died 4,000 years ago. So after that Karsaw was taken to the medbay and Voss and Tyan learned about what they had missed in 4,000 years after the party was told that the Human was going to save a a colony from the Vong. TO BE CONTINUED

Frozen In Time

3997 B.B.Y The story starts with RIET (Republic Incidental Entry Tactics) Squad. An elite and top secret unit in the Old Republic. Sent on a mission to the mysterious and undiscovered planet Orovos, given the name after Jedi master Ner’al Orovos who stumbled upon the planet on a mission from the Republic Defense Force. Orovos was a planet shrouded in the Dark Side of The Force. Its atmosphere was barely breathable and poisonous gas and electric storms scattered the surface. However, when Master Ner’al first set foot on its surface not only did he sense the presence of the dark side but also a faint presence of light, that felt as if the force itself was calling to him. He set a course back to Coruscant, seeing the need to keep the planet’s existence a secret until more was learned about it, He contacted the R.D.F and they sent in there top squad to investigate…..

RIET Squad set out for Orovos and began there mission. Upon further advancement into the dark poisonous planet RIET found a cave that held ancient ruins inside. As they entered they examined the many statues and artifacts that rested in the room. Deeper they went into the ruins until they came upon a single room, separated from the rest of the cave and sealed with an ancient locking mechanism. They sliced through the lock and advanced into the room. Suddenly the room began to fill with vapor the door slamming behind them, within instants they were incapacitated. Frozen in a stasis field that the room had created….


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