Ashtok Tal

Togruta-Male-Jedi Guardian-From: Kiros


Chosen by his innate fidelity to his beliefs, heightened spatial awareness, Ashtok Tal would join the Jedi order. Being a Togruta, his sense of spiritual connection with the land also heightened the connection with the environment, thus leading to a greater understanding of the living Force.

Soon he would be dubbed, a Jedi knight. Descended from the Order’s founders on Tython whose role in the galaxy was to defend the weak and uphold the laws of the Galactic Republic. They were often seen as representative of the Order. Policing the galaxy and working closely with sector and system law agencies, the Guardians worked tirelessly along the Outer Rim Territories and along the borders of Wild Space to maintain law where slavery and illegalities ran rampant.

Ashtok Tal, now Jedi Guardian- was tasked by the council to investigate Ossus, and the killing Odan-Urr, the Jedi Keeper of Antiquities. Further investigation entails a missing Ancient Sith Holocron and an unfortunate trail of corruption within the Order itself. Well on his return to Coruscant, Ashtok received a hologram of a Draethen soldier. the soldier wore a high ranking Republic Military commander’s uniform. The message continued with the Draethen speaking of an elite force comprised of an extremely selective group of talent from around the Republic. He was not to send a transmission back. Instead he recorded one last message to the council. At least that’s how the story goes.

No one knows for sure what then happened of the seasoned Jedi. But may the Force be with him where ever he may be.

Ashtok Tal

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