Greetings soldier, this is Tyan-Zan, Commander of RIET Squad. If you’re reading this then that means you’ve been recommended to join us in RIET Squad. For starters we’re the foremost tactical commando unit of the Republic navy, as I’m sure you already know. We accept only the best (metagame except that damn Myneyrsh) and keep ourselves pretty exclusive, never more than six members at a time, so know that competition among potential recruits is fierce. If you think you have what it takes, however, continue reading and forward your decision to your commanding officer.

Now how about a quick history lesson, soldier. As I’ve said my name is Tyan-Zan and my story begins on my homeworld of Thosa. As a youngling raised in a violent warrior culture I was raised from a very young age to be a gladiator, to fight for the honor of my ancestors and glory in bloodshed. Upon reaching manhood I began my first year in the arena, despite many victories I still felt no pride in such meaningless violence. I yearned for a greater purpose and the path I was on would only lead to a young death or else a thousand-year lifetime of senseless violence. So I chose to forsake the warrior caste, knowing it meant exile, and sought purpose among the stars.

At the start I was just a gun-for-hire. With no family or financial support mercenary work paid the bills and got me acquainted with the larger galaxy. For decades I spent my years exploring and battling across planets far and wide. Running security for nobles, senators, and executives; hunting down the worst scum the galaxy had to offer. Still I was not satisfied. After almost thirty years of mercenary work I turned to the Republic Navy to try and fill the need in my heart.

Since joining the Republic Military over sixty years ago I’ve fought as a ground troop and fighter pilot in what must be well over one thousand combat missions, eventually gaining command over my own platoon. I’ve lead some of the best soldiers in the Taris Civil War and the Droid Rebellion. In the Republic I gained a sense of purpose that I had always longed for. I served with men and women that I consider as close as blood-kin, and fought with true honor for the greater good of the galaxy. When the Republic High Command offered me my own ship, I turned them down. Instead I pleaded that they allow me to form a squad of commandos. After fifty years of service I knew the Republics dire need for a real commando squad, not those puffed up assassins that the Alderaani nobles provide. Thus RIET Squad was formed. The Republic Incidental Entry Tactics Squad has employed the best soldiers the galaxy has to offer, not to mention our recent influx of Jedi. We take on the highest risk missions that cannot be entrusted to grunt troops. Missions too delicate or dangerous, where failure is not an option. Here is where you come in. Your commanding officer thinks you’re ready for this, I’m here to tell you that you’re not. No one can be prepared for what we’re asked to do. You will never feel safe on a mission, you will never be confident of victory, you will never know if you’ll see home again. But this is what our Republic asks of us. I will do my best to prepare you, but I have already watched too many of my Squad-mates die to believe that I can protect you. Think well before making your decision. For the Republic!


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